#1  The Gnostics ReloadedDebut Show, 2-hour special.  Beginning to Introductory Series-- EXITING THE MATRIX.
Astral Guest—Robert Price, author of 'Deconstructing Jesus' & 'The Incredibly Shrinking Son of Man'.


#2 Raiders of The Lost Hermes.  EXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 2).  Astral guest--Stephan Hoeller, author of 'Gnosticism, a New Light on an Ancient Tradition' & Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica in LA. 05/21/2006


#3 The Passion of The SophiaEXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 3-- The Gnostic Cosmology).  Astral Guest—Stevan Davies, Author of 'The Secret Book of John, A Gnostic Gospel' & 'The Gospel of Thomas & Christian Wisdom'. 05/28/2007


#4 There's Something About Mary Magdalene.  EXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 4-- Everything you ever wanted to know about Mary Magdalene but were afraid to ask. Two Hour Special!).  Astral Guest—Margaret Starbird, Author of 'The Woman With The Alabaster Jar', 'The Goddess In The Gospels' & 'Mary Magdalene, Bride In Exile'. 06/04/2006


#5 The Sun of All Fears.  EXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 5-- Mythology as the pathway to gnosis and liberation, part I: Deconstructing Your Religion!). Astral Guest-- Acharya S., author of 'The Christ Conspiracy' & 'The Suns of God'. 06/11/2006


#6 Requiem For A Myth.  EXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 6-- Mythology as the pathway to gnosis and liberation, part II: Myth Is More Powerful Than Facts).  Astral Guest—Acharya S., author of 'The Christ Conspiracy' & 'The Suns of God'(second half of her interview). 06/18/2006


#7 The Omega ManEXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 7-- The Alpha and Omega of Gnosticism, Gnostics & Gnosis).  Astral Guest—Timothy Freke, co-author of the best-selling, award-winning 'The Jesus Mysteries', 'Jesus and The Goddess', & 'The Laughing Jesus'. 06/25/2006


#8 Crouching Buddha, Hidden JesusEXITING THE MATRIX (Introductory Series, Part 8-- The important connection between Gnosticism and Buddhism).  Astral Guest—Tom Ragland, author of 'Buddha Turns the Kabbalah Wheel' & 'The Noble Eightfold Path of Christ'. 07/02/2006


#9 From India With Love-- Did Jesus ever go to India? Old and New revelation on a story that just won't go away. Astral Guest: Suzanna Olsson, author of 'Jesus: The Last King of Kashmir'. 07/09/2006

#10 The Yahweh Horror Picture Show-- The tests of the born-again Gnostic in the world of the Demiurge. We also explore the notion of evil through the Gnostic lenses and The New Age Movement: one of the greatest iniquities to plague Western Society. Astral Guest: Nathaniel J. Merritt, author of 'Jehovah Unmasked' 07/16/2006

#11 My Big Fat Greek Religion-- The Hellenistic, most importantly the Pythagorean and Orphic, influences on Christianity and Gnosticism. We reveal the secrets of gematria (the real Bible code), Sacred Geometry, ancient cosmology, early Christian symbolism, and the various incarnations of the Solar Logos (Hermes, Mithra, Abraxas, and Jesus). Astral Guest: David Fideler, author of 'Jesus Christ Sun of God' & 'Love's Alchemy: Poems from the Sufi Tradition' 07/23/2006


#12 The Matrix Revolution-- a bona fide Gnostic Gospel worthy of being in the Nag Hammadi Library. We also explore other Gnostic films and begin revealing modern Gnostic Prophets such as Philip K. Dick and Carlos Castaneda. Astral Guest: Jake Horsley, author of 'Matrix Warrior' & 'Dogville VS Hollywood' 07/30/2006


#13 The Thomas Gospel Affair-- The Gospel of Thomas is certainly the most popular of Gnostic texts. Even a movie is based on it (guess!). We begin looking at the fifth gospel from all facets. Astral Guest: David F. Capps, author of 'The Gospel of Thomas: A Blueprint For Spiritual Growth' 08/06/2006


#14 Cathars On A Hot Tin Roof-- The Inquisition actually began against The Gnostics (and then everyone else got a piece of it). And before and after The Church hunted the various Gnostics groups with impunity. We explore the medieval Gnostics such as The Cathars, The Bogomils, and The Knight Templars. We learn about knew, groundbreaking scholarship on the mystic rituals and the connection between the Cathars and the Knights Templar. We search for the Grail. Astral Guest: Judith Mann, author of 'The Trail of Gnosis' 08/13/2006


#15 Phil And Ron’s Excellent Adventure-- Philip K Dick and L. Ron Hubbard, a Gnostic Prophet and a Gnostic Antichrist. Shocking new revelations that delve deep into Gnosticism (the Crowley type, that is). Astral Guests: The Viking Youth (Chicago Radio Hosts and Cultural Philosophers) 08/20/2006


#16 In The Name of The Rose Cross-- Our continuing series in the influences of Gnosticism. We explore the Troubadours of the Middle Ages, the Rosicrucian, Alchemists, early Freemasons, the gnosis of Aleister Crowley & even the explicitly Gnostic leverage on the 60's Rock'n'Roll movement in England. Yes, Pink Floyd and John Lennon were very aware of The Gnostics. Astral Guests: Tobias Churton, author of 'Gnostic Philosophy' & 'The Golden Builders’ 08/27/2006


#17 Sophie’s Voice-- Sophia, Mary Magdalene, and the holy marriage of The Divine Wisdom to the Divine Reason that is essential to heal the cosmos. We also explore the transformation of Osiris into Jesus, the Gospel myths, and the passion of the artist to find his inner voice.  It’s another poignant look at gnosis and its attainment, as well as the Gnostic Jesus and his special relationship to His consort. Astral Guest: Ki Longfellow, author of 'The Secret Magdalene' 09/03/2006


#18 Me, Myself & Irenaeus: The Gospel of Philip:  Although this Nag Hammadi Scripture is known for the sexual and special relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, it is actually an allegorical, sacramental, and mythic manual into the heart of gnosis, as well as intimate look at the most sophisticated yet feared Gnostics of early Christianity—The Valentinians. Astral Guest: Andrew Philip Smith, author of ‘The Gospel of Philip, annotated and explained’ 09/10/2006


#19 Natural Born Killers:  We have been told that it was the evil barbarians, too much reliance on mercenaries, that Rome was too decadent, that The Church held the torch of enlightenment for centuries and several other fables.  But the scorching truth is that the end of the Greco/Roman age of reason, art, philosophy and religious tolerance was the cause of a certain Orthodox branch of a certain faith.  The Satanic marriage between Constantine and his Bishops sent civilization into more than a thousand years of darkness and pain.  What happened and perhaps how we can avoid it again.  Astral Guest: Ken Humphreys, author of ‘Jesus Never Existed’ 09/17/2006


#20 Romancing The Sephiroth: The Kabbalah & Sophian Gnosticism.   The Kabbalah is also known as ‘Jewish Gnosticism’ and the mystic branch of Judaism.  We are privy to a comprehensive, poignant journey into the essence of The Kabbalah, as well as the secret, oral tradition of Sophian Gnosticism.  Astral Guest: Tau Malachi, author of ‘Gnosis of The Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah’, ‘Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity’ & ‘St. Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Tradition of The Holy Bride’ 09/24/2006



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