#61 Chasing Marcion.  He is perhaps the greatest heretic of all times.  His following was so large it threatened the early Catholic Church.  He is also the reason The Bible was ever written, perhaps the man who wrote the Pauline Letters, and many other enigmatic truths.  Also, was he a true Gnostic or simply a man who wanted to create the first organized form of Christianity in the world?   Astral Guest—Robert Price, author of ‘Deconstructing Jesus’, ‘The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man’, and ‘The Pre-Nicene New Testament’. 08/11/2007


#62 Now and Zen.  Time to take a tour to the East to one of Gnosticism’s distant cousins.  We dispel many of its misconceptions and understand its origins, theology and philosophy that are a radical departure from mainstream Buddhism and all Eastern faiths.  We also parallel the similarities and differences between Gnosticism and Zen Buddhism, as well as reveal steps to gain gnosis through the practice of Zazen (meditation).  Astral Guest—Brad Warner, author of ‘Hardcore Zen’ and ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’.  08/18/2007


#63 Memoirs of a Gaia.  There is a growing, modern Gnostic thought that equates Sophia with Gaia.  It posits that Gnosticism is the direct descendent of both ancient Shamanism and Mystery Schools that revered Demeter, Ashera, Ishtar and other Magna Maters.  We are exposed to Lashean Gnosticism and its core theology, including its complete divorce from Christianity and the shocking truth that the Demiurge and Archons might be as real as you and I.  Astral Guest—John Lamb Lash, author of ‘Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief’.



#64 There’s Something About Mary Magdalene, Part 2.  Now we veer our eyes from Sophia to one of her incarnations.  Despite her rising popularity and redemption in Western Society, there are still many misconceptions and unknown facts about the Bride of the Logos.  And there is also a great divide between the Magdalene of the Canonicals and the Apostolic Leader you find in the Gnostic Scriptures (and the various legends throughout history).  A good time to get to know her all over again, like a romance that won’t end.  Astral Guest—Jane Schaberg, author of ‘Mary Magdalene Understood’ and ‘The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene’. 09/01/2007


#65 Holy Virus.  What if the blood sacrifices for the atonement of sins are not an original Jewish practice but imposed by outer forces?  What if the Bible, beyond the Gnostic Gospels, actually reveals two gods—a carnivorous being who demands human and animal souls, and a benign deity who was the real Father of Jesus and the Jews as well?  If this is the case, then the blood atonement of Jesus is false; and the real reason he came to the world has been missed by most of mankind.  This truth would undermine all that Christianity has stood for the last two thousand years.  A very controversial but eye-opening show.  Astral Guest—Lional Parkinson, author of ‘Holy Virus’. 9/08/2007


#66 Invasion of the Jesus Snatchers.  The deconstruction, origins and possibilities of Christianity continues unabated with some new yet solid theories.  Could Mary Magdalene been the author of all the four Gospels?  Could Constantine’s main historian have created the entire history of the early Church almost out of thin air?  Could Jesus Christ be based on the Gnostic Simon Magus?  Could John the Baptist be the true Christian Messiah?  Is anything possible (of course)?   Astral Guest—Jay Raskin, author of ‘The Evolution of Christs and Christianities’.  09/15/2007


#67 Gnosticism Begins.  Perhaps the most debated and enigmatic topic in Gnosticism is where it began.  Was it a Christian side effect?  Did it originate from Persian or other pagan mysteries?  Was it just another Jewish heresy?  We delve deep into history and theology to find out where exactly the Gnostics sprouted out of in mankind’s imagination.  Astral Guest—Birger A. Pearson, author of ‘Ancient Gnosticism: Traditions and Literature’, ‘Gnosticism, Judaism and Egyptian Christianity’ and one of the original translators of the Nag Hammadi Library. 09/22/2007


#68 All About Sophia: The A to Z of Sophia, the Wisdom of God and our True Mother.  Almost everything, beyond your gnosis, you ever wanted to know about Hagias Sophia, Barbelo, Eve, Shekinah, Isis, the Holy Spirit, among her many avatars.  She was revered before the Gnostics and after they were wiped out in many sects and Eastern Churches.  Now it’s time she returned to our minds and the mind of God himself in order to heal the universe.  Astral Guest—Rev. Jordan Stratford, author of ‘The Da Vinci Prayer Book’ and ‘Living Gnosis’.



#69 Mystery Men.  Mystery Religions, Cults and Schools.  Since perhaps mankind began, there have been those who have secretly guarded the esoteric, primordial meaning of religion: direct contact with the Divine.  These clandestine cults flourished in ancient times, often franchises of greater unknown faiths, offering a journey into the mystic enigmas of the supernal.  Such Godmen as Dionysus, Osiris, Mithra and Jesus became the outer symbols of enlightenment and spiritual resurrection.  Eventually many became standard religions like both Gnosticism and Christianity.  And many of these Mystery Religions were not benign but tools for exploitation for the ignorant masses.  Little is known about the Mystery Cults since their annihilation by Orthodoxy, but we bore deep into archeology, history and theology to find the true essence of the Mystery Religions.   Astral Guest—Acharya S., author of ‘The Christ Conspiracy’ and ‘Suns of God’. 10/6/2007


#70 Saving Christianity.  The Abrahamic faiths are on a collision course.  Churches are empty across the Western World.  Christianity has become a mile long but an inch thin, faltering under a fast changing society of science, reason and logic.  Is this the beginning of the end for the world’s largest religion, or can the old approach of the Gnostics transform all of its tenets into a liberating force of body, mind and spirit for the 21st Century human?  And perhaps this transformation might influence the other Abrahamic faiths before we are plunged into another World War/Crusade.  Astral Guest— Tom Harpur, author of ‘The Pagan Christ’ and ‘Water Into Wine’. 10/13/2007


#71 Jesus Returns.  The Gospel of the Second Coming.  Jesus has returned one last time and this is time he’s both Gnostic and funny.   Not only that, Jesus realizes that he’s just a fiction character in a story just like you and I are fiction characters in a story written by a Divine Mind or perhaps a Mad God.  The question is whether Jesus, with his sidekicks Peter and Mary Magdalene, can figure out the secrets of the cosmos in order to redeem humanity before the books closes once and for all on all of us.   After all, ‘life is foreplay and death is coming’.  Astral Guest— Timothy Freke,  best-selling, co-author of ‘The Gospel of the Second Coming’, ‘The Jesus Mysteries’, ‘Jesus and the Lost Goddess’ & ‘The Laughing Jesus’. 10/20/2007


#72 The Way of the Cathars.  They were the greatest heresy of the Middle Ages, arguably an offshoot of the ancient Gnostics that undermined the authority of the religious and political powers of the time.  Their bloody demise is one of the darkest moments in Christian history that still resonates today.  We take a historical and esoteric tour of the Cathars, their history, theology, tragedy and whether or not they truly held some of the ancient treasures like the Holy Grail.  Astral Guest— Sean Martin, author of ‘The Cathars’ and ‘The Gnostics’. 11/3/2007

#73 Judas Dynamite.  The Real Truth Behind the Gospel of Judas.  Now that the dust has settled on the National Geographic’s ‘Gospel of Judas’, there is evidence that there might have been some glaring mistakes in the first version.  New evidence reveals that the Gnostic Judas is far from an enlightened being but actually a demonic god who served the Demiurge against the Cosmic Christ.  We take a look at the new, controversial translation and why the initial translators dropped the esoteric ball.  Astral Guest—April DeConick, author of ‘The Thirteenth Apostle’ & ‘Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas’.  11/10/2007


#74 The Accidental Dualist.  Dualism and Gnosticism.  Throughout history the Gnostics were accused of being dualists: those who saw the universe and mankind itself split between light and darkness, body and spirit.  Were their enemies right, or did Gnosticism, as usual, buck any theological trend that adds to their uniqueness?  We explore Gnostic Dualism through time and belief, adding yet to the enigma that is the Gnostic worldview.  It is also our second of a two part interview with our guest.  Astral Guest--Sean Martin, author of ‘The Gnostics: The First Christian Heretics’, ‘The Cathars’ and ‘The Knights Templar’. 11/17/2007


#75 Jung’s Labyrinth. Gnostic Myths Behind Jung’s Theory of Individuation.  Both CG Jung and his spiritual ancestors, the Gnostics, understood that deep within the human unconscious existed the keys to enlightenment in the manifestations of myths, archetypes and alchemical symbols.  Mankind has steadily lost these mechanisms for spiritual healing; but they are ever present and accessible to the individual daring to take the inner journey of self-knowledge.  We adventure into the eternal psychological side of Gnosticism in order that each one of us may recover the fundamentals of gnosis that could help the collective unconscious heal our fractured civilization.  Astral Guest--Robert Lloyd, author of ‘The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness’.  12/01/2007


#76 Living Gnosticism.  So it’s the Twenty First Century and you’ve studied Gnosticism.  Now what?  How do you apply Gnosticism to your daily struggles against the Archons?  How exactly do you attain gnosis besides copying the lifestyles of the old heretics?  Do the old sacramental ways really work in an era of dying myths?  There must be a way to incorporate the old and new to create a Gnosticism that fits this postmodern world of incoming destruction.  We answer these questions and more, pointing to the midnight sun of Isis in order to begin living Gnosticism instead of just cataloging it.  Astral Guest—Rev. Jordan Stratford, author of ‘Living Gnosticism’ and ‘The Da Vinci Prayer Book’. 12/08/2007


#77 Mystic River.  Gnosis and the Mystical Experience.   A wise man once wrote that at the doorway of gnosis all ‘ism’s’, including Gnosticism, must be left behind.  But what exactly does gnosis entail?  Is it the same as having a mystical experience or are they two different forms of enlightenment vehicles?  And is gnosis and mysticism only for a select few or available to all human beings?  Either way, we survey these two forms of direct experience with the Divine.  And why Orthodoxy has tried for thousands of years to be the sole gatekeepers of these two muses of the Pleroma.  Astral Guest—R.W. Richardson, author of ‘Mystical Gnosis Event’ & ‘Psychognosis & the Dignity of Man’. 12/15/2007


#78 Weird Science.  Alchemy & the Alchemists.  This ancient science is also a prodigious tool for self-knowledge and gnosis.  We take a voyage into Alchemy’s origins, evolution and practices.  We also delve into the some of the great Alchemists of history, including Saint Thomas Aquinas, Paracelsus and CG Jung.  And we break it down into a poignant spiritual practice that is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago during the Classic Greek Era.  Astral Guest—Tobias Churton, author of ‘Gnostic Philosophy’, ‘The Gnostics’, ‘The Golden Builders’ & ‘Freemasonry’.  12/22/2007


#79 The Jesus Which Project.  Was there a historical Jesus Christ?  The Savior has been born…wait…maybe he never was born.  Could all the contradictions and anachronisms in the Bible, lack of historical data, absent archeological evidence, Church Father silence and even the Gnostic Scriptures be in reality pointing to a mythic godman, a patchwork hero with a thousand theologies?  Is there really any first century proof indicating there was anything close to a fist century Galilean Rabbi?  We take on this herculean task in a CSI manner and attempt to find if there is a man behind the legend at all.  Astral Guest—Acharya S., author of ‘Who Was Jesus: Fingerprints of the Christ’, ‘Suns of God’ & ‘The Christ Conspiracy’. 12/29/2007


#80 The Last Action Heroes.  The Mandaeans.  Perhaps the original Gnostics, the Mandaeans are certainly the only surviving ancient Gnostic sect.  Who are these mysterious Semites that break so many Gnostic molds including making Jesus and Sophia the evil villains in the cosmic play? And despite their surviving for over two thousand years, the reality is that the Second Gulf War has brought them to the brink of extinction.  We study their culture and theology, as well as present information on how we, as members of the Esoterica, can help their grim plight in the Middle East.  Astral Guest—Nathaniel Deutsch, author ofThe Gnostic Imagination: Gnosticism, Mandaeism, and Merkabah Mysticism’. 01/12/2008




Shows #61-80 Available for Download Here