Aeon Byte #118-- Debunking Christian Apologetics with Ken Humphreys, author of 'Jesus Never Existed'  
Besides the eventual eradication of the Gnostics and other alternative Christianities, much of the history of Orthodox Christianity is built on fabricated history and reasoning. Centuries of Christian Apologetics have been conjured to defend a carnival of pious fiction. In order to understand the Gnostics, it is essential to expose the fables, mistakes and outright deceptions Literalist Christianity has fed humanity as fact for almost two thousand years. Not only do we bring our usual scalpels, this time we also have a sledgehammer. Astral Guest-- Ken Humphreys, author of 'Jesus Never Existed'. Topics Discussed: --Disrobing most of the Christian Apologist arguments with evidence revealing an early Christian Church that never was, non-existent Church Fathers and Apostles, forged letters and epistles, and stories that defy logic and the parallel history of that time. --Demolishing the arguments of the Pagan Historians that Christian Apologetics love to use, as well as wondering why there is a silence about Jesus and a First Century Church from the dozens of other historians that diligently recorded all that transpired in the Roman Empire (even Judea). --Ken’s recount of his personal emulating of Saint Paul’s journeys, and the truths he found in each of his visits in the Mediterranean. --More evidence that the Gospel Jesus is not the same mystical dying/rising savior god that Saint Paul wrote about. --Dispelling the nation that Saint Peter ever made it to Rome, much less that he became the first Pope. And forget about there ever being an Apostolic Succession anywhere in anytime of those ancient days. And the Gnostics don’t get a pass on that one either. --What is the Historical Method, and why a carnal Jesus just doesn’t cut the hummus with it. --Of all the Messiahs, heroes, rebels, Jewish Demigods like Melchizedek or Joshua, and legendary figures of the First Century, why a character named Jesus became the standard bearer for the Orthodox Church. And much more!!! I’m still trying to figure out what Ken’s main thesis is, though.
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