CCG #19--The Dark Side of Christianity with Ken Humphreys, author of 'Jesus Never Existed'  
The Reality behind the Fall of the Roman Empire & The Beginning of The Dark Ages. We continue to break through the illusions and lies of the Powers and Principalities. We have been told that it was the evil barbarians, too much reliance on mercenaries, that Rome was too pagan and decadent, that The Church held the torch of enlightenment for centuries afterwards and several other fables. But the scorching truth is the end of the Greco/Roman age-- that despite its brutality stored utopias of reason, art, philosophy and religious tolerance-- was the cause of a certain Orthodox branch of a certain faith. The Satanic marriage between Constantine and his Bishops sent civilization into more than a thousand years of darkness and pain. What truly happened and perhaps how we can avoid it again. Special Guest: Ken Humphreys, author of 'Jesus Never Existed' & the remarkable website ''. Topics discussed: --The rise of Orthodox Christianity (actually a minor religion at the time) that brought about the death of science, philosophy and reason in the Western World. --The painful details of the destruction of the Library of Alexandria (as well as all the other libraries and cultural centers of antiquity). --The astonishing inventions and beliefs of the Pagan world that were never restored until the 19th century. --How the Orthodox Church was able to eliminate all other competing Christianities including Gnosticism and Arianism. --We begin to touch upon the symbolic end of wisdom and religious freedom in any time and place: The tragic murder of Hypatia Alexandria. --How Constantine was the originator of the feudal system and the divine right of kings. --Dispelling all the polemics against the barbarians and the Roman Empire, who never were the real villains in the dawn of the Dark Ages. Make sure you've got antacid and a bottle of liquid Prozac. The dark side of Christianity is much darker than your darkest contemplations. But the fortress of ignorance and mad faith must come down, inside and outside of every Truthseeker.
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